Different Features Provided in A Certified Used Mercedes-Benz

For many people, owning a Mercedes car is not a feasible option. Its high price prevents people from buying it. To them, Mercedes-Benz has come up with certified pre-owned cars. This is one of the best ways to realize their dream of driving a Mercedes Benz. The best part of this car is that you can see excellence in terms of its performance, safety, technology, style, gas mileage, fuel efficiency etc. The driving experience you would get would never make you feel it is a used one.


Each certified and used Mercedes Benz latest models would amaze its users with exhilarating performance, intelligent technology, and sophisticated style. Mercedes Benz is built with innovative connectivity features that would bring convenience to you and help you stay connected all the time. These features make every ride more enjoyable.

  • Hands-free Bluetooth interface with audio streaming
  • Dual USB audio ports
  • In-car Wi-Fi hotspot++
  • 5 years of Mercedes-Benz Connect Package that delivers reports regarding weather, traffic etc.
  • 24*7 Mercedes-Benz roadside assistance. This includes replacement of a flat tire, provide fuel, battery jump start, at no cost

Gas Mileage

Gas mileage is another big factor to be considered when you are looking a buy a vehicle. Certified pre-owned Mercedes Benz car is highly fuel efficient. They do not require you to frequently stop the vehicle at regular intervals and get the tanked filled with the fuel. In this way, it saves your time and money. Some of the features that make this car fuel efficient:

  • ECO-Start and Stop System
  • BlueTEC Clean Diesel
  • Advanced Engines


You are sure to experience the power under your feet, each time you accelerate your Mercedes-Benz car. Be it is a sedan, coupe, or SUV, there is no dearth of outstanding performance. Each certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz car is made to perfection and designed to exceed user’s expectations.

  • 4MATIC “All-Wheel Drive”
  • Four-cylinder twin turbo – engines that have 6-cylinder power. This makes it best for gas mileage, high output in torque and fuel efficiency.
  • Seven-speed and nine-speed automatic transmission
  • 7-liter bi-turbo V-8 engine


All these above-mentioned features are a must to consider when selecting a vehicle. Mercedes-Benz, being the most reputed company understands this well, so take each of these features under serious consideration when manufacturing their vehicles. So, if you are looking to buy a luxury car within a limited budget, this could be the ideal car for you.

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