Why Should You Prefer Modified Asphalt for Your Roofs

Building construction technology has improved a lot as compared to various structural materials that were used for construction work a few years back. Present day roofing systems are far superior in quality and can easily withstand various weather conditions. You can assure the durability of the roof by proper planning and making right specification and by using various water proofing materials.

In today’s time, Asphalt is one of the best materials for making your roof completely waterproof. However, it has certain drawbacks and therefore modified Asphalt has been introduced in the market, which has many improved qualities. Let us discuss about few advantages of this modified Asphalt material.

  • Flexible in application

It is much easier to use it in the area where it is very difficult to apply by using hot asphalt. You can also use cold adhesive, if you want to avoid bad odour during installation. It is also quite economical to use hot asphalt particularly for newly constructed buildings. Self adhesive asphalts are also available that can be used for certain difficult areas where installation is not too easy.

  • Easy to maintain

Most of the single ply membranes need good amount of maintenance by taking help of professionals where as modified SBS roofing can easily be maintained by the house owner himself. In case of single ply membranes, you have to use adhesive for layers of 40 to 80 mils thickness, but in this case you can use 2 or 3 ply of 220 to 300 mils thickness. This can help to withstand many different penetration and traffic movements within the roofing systems.   

  • Can withstand any kind of weather and impacts

People have liked the quality of this type of roof sealing as it can bear any kind of weather for much longer period as compared to any other sealing system that are available in the market.

  • Insurance companies offer discount

Most of the building insurance companies offer discount in premium, if the building has used modified asphalts in their building. If it ever gets cracked then it can self correct it after few days. You can also increase its resistance during cold weather by adding polymer.

  • Can withstand high wind and hailstorm

Thirty per cent new buildings are affected due to hailstorm. By using new asphalt, you can protect your roof against hailstorm and high winds as well.