Three Tips for Improving Car Dealership Sales

Today’s modern technology has given car dealerships a handful of shiny new tools when it comes to selling cars and trucks. From identifying the kind of buyer that is liable to walk in the door to knowing how to reach out to that buyer, software programs such as auto dealership software for marketing and social media marketing programs are yielding great results.

But in order to get those sales numbers that will make the dealership sit up and notice you, first you need to become an expert on using these tools. Here are a few tips on how to make the best possible use of the tools the dealership provides to motivate that sales force and get your dealership on track for best sales of the year.

Managing the Customer Relationship

It all starts and ends with your relationship with your customer. There was a time when all a salesperson needed was a winning smile and the ability to read when a customer was ready to sign on the dotted line. But today the market is far more sophisticated and any dealership worth its salt is ready to invest in software called Customer Relationship Management or CRM to give them that needed edge. If you run a dealership, it would pay off quickly to invest in a program that is designed specifically for the automotive trade.

Finding Your Customer Base

While it is true that your basic customer base is going to be in the neighborhood where the dealership is, there is more to finding your customers then simple geography. It helps if you can identify who in your area is ready to buy a new car, who is looking to trade in their current car for a more expensive car and who is looking for an inexpensive second car for the family. Each of these buyers will have a different need, and will be looking in different ways for that next car purchase.

What they have in common is they most likely will start their search online. This is why having a great web presence is so vital to today’s modern car dealership. Make sure that site is interactive, can be seen on a mobile device as well as a conventional computer and has all the information that a prospective customer will need to make a decision to come in and buy.

Getting Social with Your Community

Of course, today you need to also have a presence on social media if you want to reach out to that local buyer in search of the perfect car that suits their needs. Facebook is a particularly good place to look for a more mature buyer as the baby boomer set begins to look for cars that will get them through retirement and all that travel they are looking forward to doing. For the first-time buyer, places like Instagram might be a better fit, as it has a younger profile.

For the smart dealership, having a presence on all of the leading social media sites and someone in charge of their marketing on the web is simply good business. Follow this lead on all three marketing pathways and you will find that your dealership is thriving and a place that is truly a part of the local business scene.