Night Vision: What you need to know

No doubt, the night vision security cameras are the top in the market right now when it comes to offering the best video and photo quality. But do you know all you are expected to know about this great cameras? In thispost, you are going to be learning few things about night vision security cameras.

They Take Images Even in Pitch-black Darkness

Absolutely, the presence of infrared LED(Light Emitting Diode) illuminators serves as an extra source of light for the camera ensuring that you have a clear image even in the absence of natural light. The nature of Lux present in these cameras also give them an additional advantage. Lux refers to the quantity of light required to make an image visible by a camera, therefore, the lower the lux of a camera, the clearer the images it captures. In this case, as an infrared LED camera, its Lux is rated 0, therefore, it captures clear visible images even in the absence of light.

Maximum length of coverage

The quality of camera lens, as well as the lightening conditions, affects the distance it can cover to capture a clear image. Another factor is the number of the IR LED (Infrared Light Emitting Diodes). The night vision cameras have a maximum length of coverage making them capable of taking high-quality images and video even at a relatively far distance.

The color of Images

Images captured can be colored or in black and white format. The quantity of light from the external sources apart from the infrared LED illuminators influences the color of the images captured. if the camera has to depend on the infrared LED illuminators for light, then more color will be absorbed off the image. for many other types of camera, it is automatic, once the infrared LED is  illuminated, the camera captures images in black and white to give a clearer picture.

Infrared LED illuminators.

These illuminators ensure that light is released from the semiconductors in the infrared LED. The light released is safe, absolutely harmless.  However, it is almost invisible to the naked eye. It is usually a visible red glow, but it takes a careful observation to notice it on a surveillance camera, especially the latest Hikvisioncameras. This company’s camera is recently the best in the market and was being recommended by Newsmax Finance Analysts in late 2017. I will always recommend them as well.

IR Cut Filter

This is an automatic IR Cut Filter that works mechanically, it obstructs infrared light but allows the passage of colors within the visible spectrum of the naked eye. However, in scenarios with little or no light, the IR Cut Filter shifts away from the lens giving room for 100% of infrared light for effective, high-quality night vision. This activity enables the camera image to change to black and white for a perfect image. This particular feature is not present in all night and day cameras.