How to Pair iPhone Hands Free – iPhone Tips and Advices

One of the useful accessories used to answer a call while performing work is iPhone hands free. It is a wireless Bluetooth speaker, which connects with your Bluetooth headset and other devices. It is used to complete your phone discussion with the help of a wireless speaker. It provides good sound quality for both listener as well as the speaker.

If you connect your iPhone with a hands free device like Bluetooth speaker or a car speaker then it becomes an iPhone hands free talk. This means, you can have a clear discussion with any one while driving, when you are at a meeting and so on. The person, who is listening to you, will not face any disturbance.

Pairing with Bluetooth devices

There are numerous Bluetooth devices available in the stores to support it. You have to pair your iPhone with the Bluetooth device by using a pin number (mostly it will be 0000). If you connect them once then there will be no need to pair again.

The Bluetooth device consists of a speaker, microphone, and a button to answer a call. You have to charge the Bluetooth device like other electronic devices.

iPhone hands free in cars

You can even make use of iPhone hands free speaker in your car. You have to follow the same process while connecting to car Bluetooth device. Once both are connected whenever you get into your car they will connect to each other.

Steps to set up hands free feature in your iPhone

  • Tap settings option on your iPhone home screen.
  • Select general and then opt for Bluetooth.
  • Paired devices list will be displayed on the screen, if your device already exists in the list then select it. Otherwise, search on for new devices and new devices will appear. Select your device from them.
  • To connect both of them enter the pin number (0000).

This is the process to connect your iPhone with your Bluetooth device.

To buy best hands free for iPhone accessories check the battery performance and cost. You can also take suggestions from your friends or coworkers to find out the best quality accessories.

Think twice about the type of headset you really need. Which is the most suitable device for your environment? Some of the companies will provide a microphone that is quite close to your mouth so that while talking the listener can easily understand what you are talking about. You can use an ear-hook if you want to hold the headset for a longer time.

Make sure that you consider all these things before purchasing hands free accessories. Also, read the return policy of the company, so that if it is not suitable for your iPhone you can get another accessory in place of it.

Check the features of the accessories and opt the best suitable device. You can use iPhone Hands free wherever and wherever you want, so that you will not miss any important phone calls.