How to Activate HR as a New Marketing?

This works because it helps in creation of the massive momentum where combination of customer’s needs, employees, and company’s interest are based. Companies are seeking more loyal customers and talented workforce. Employees seek purpose and meaningful work that has a significant impact on their work life as well as in the world. Customers are willing to form relationship with brands on their own terms and their self-interests.

  1. Create a customer-centric vision

Have a look around your organization and you will observe the people above, below and beside you. The conventional organization chart is still present to concentrate on your position on the hierarchy. But where is the customer and in the organization chart as well? Even though your company mission is not customer centric, your marketing vision must definitely be. And there is an easy formula to reach there. Become a sought after destination for the target topic to deliver the customer value or the impact.

  1. Create content that the employees are willing to share

A study proves that the combined networking of the employees on LinkedIn is 10 times larger than any company’s followers. And just 3 percent of the employees share branded content on their timeline which gets only 30 percent of the views and clicks on that content. In order to increase the reach and grow your online presence, use LinkedIn Elevate to accomplish all of these without spending any money. However, you have to create content in such a way that the employees are willing to share it. The key is to delineate what is in it for them. Create or share content in order to help them build more connections with other leaders in your sector and grow their marque employeur so that they can achieve joy in their careers.

  1. Measure the results

Determine the impact of your employee content being shared for your company. Showcase how is it beneficial for the employees. Discuss the ways to profile your best customers also. Partner with the workforce across HR, marketing, and sales in order to ascertain the best ways to optimize consistently what is working for everyone. If you are in marketing, think about your HR colleagues as your new BFF. If you are in HR, think about the marketing employees to acquire and retain the best talent to be on the win-win sides for both the parties.